I have just finished 3 hours of some of the most intense time with SJ. There was sweat, some tears and few swear words from Mistress but YES I have managed to resize, rotate, upload new photos and had My first lesson in HTML web language….My brain is frazzled but the upshot of all My efforts is that you now have a selection of shiny new photos of Mistress in black leather trousers in the photo gallery.


MK x


  1. Graham says:

    I love the new photos, so sexy and I also like the longer hair

  2. sr says:

    Mistress controls the whole internet? I knew it. I knew it. That’s how You know my every thought and darkest desires Mistress.

  3. lucky says:

    love the human ashtray and foot and boot worship clips,wish i was your ashtray mistress

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Last update: 22nd April 2021