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Here you will find posts, pictures and snippets of information that will help you gain a better understanding of who Mistress Krush is, and what She does.

Mistress enjoys reading peoples thoughts so please feel free to comment.

MAJOR Diary Update

My availability diary or calendar is now fully up to date for the foreseeable future! Yes I have clicked repeat every week on most days and every other week on others. you will see a pattern forming. [...]

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New forced feeding clip added to My clip store

In celebration of those of you who managed to survive yesterdays Friday 13th, I've uploaded a new clip to My clip store. Sluts lunch Let Me know what you think in the comment section below. [...]

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New smoking clip added

I've just added a new smoking clip to my clip store. Enjoy MK x Mistress Krush smoking in Her car

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Video clips and Skype

Good evening My loyal ones. It's been a little while since I've been here I know, and whilst Mistress is currently very busy dealing with all of you and your errant ways, I thought it time for a li [...]

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Calendar Update

It is very nearly the end of the summer holidays! I like holidays but I love routine and order. Normality can return in September. Having My calendar on My website has proven fruitful among My s [...]

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With the holiday season fast approaching I've added a calendar page where you can check My availability. It runs from today until the start of September when my availability returns to normal [...]

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