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Here you will find posts, pictures and snippets of information that will help you gain a better understanding of who Mistress Krush is, and what She does.

Mistress enjoys reading peoples thoughts so please feel free to comment.


With the holiday season fast approaching I've added a calendar page where you can check My availability. It runs from today until the start of September when my availability returns to normal [...]

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Something else Mistress plays with

As many of you know, I adore shiny, smooth, skintight latex. I love wearing it but hate it when it splits and tears. I used to get pissed off firstly for paying such a high price for a latex garment [...]

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A polite fucking off!

A very busy few weeks as ever leading up to Mistress' holiday!!! Finally going on an aeroplane and flying off to sun, sea and lots of Sleep!!! The whole idea of this holiday is to actually not do any [...]

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Members Area Update

The members area has had a rather vast update with over 40 new pictures added. This update includes photos of Mistress posing, playing in session and examples of the levels of play I involve Myself in [...]

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Decisions… Decisions

So much fun to be had with so many ways to hurt, humiliate and torment you. Mistress's work is never done :) MK x

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Christmas Card 2016

And a little something Christmassy for you all... Enjoy... MK x

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