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Here you will find posts, pictures and snippets of information that will help you gain a better understanding of who Mistress Krush is, and what She does.

Mistress enjoys reading peoples thoughts so please feel free to comment.

Rushed off my poor aching feet

The heading says it all I think. This is of course a busy time of year for most people and Mistress is no exception. It's not all work-work-work and Mistress has received some truly lovely gifts, an [...]

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Back in the HQ cockpit of website control.

Well in short I have managed to consume nine of My twelve peanut cookies, have picked a small selection of photos taken last week by STT with Mistress dressed in some shiny black latex. These pictures [...]

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I have just finished 3 hours of some of the most intense time with SJ. There was sweat, some tears and few swear words from Mistress but YES I have managed to resize, rotate, upload new photos and h [...]

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Draconian YouTube

Well, it would appear that the draconian over-lords that police YouTube weren't happy with My foot worship video clip. Apparently it was humiliating which is odd as I didn't feel humiliated in the s [...]

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Inflation… It’s just a prick away

Look what the nice postman delivered to Me today. I've waited so long for this box of goodies to arrive that I'd almost forgotten I'd ordered them. I'm so excited. Can you imagine how wonderful [...]

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New members only area now complete

The new members area is now up and running with new content being added by My web monkeys periodically. However, access to this most privileged area will be by invite from Mistress only. So, you [...]

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