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Here you will find posts, pictures and snippets of information that will help you gain a better understanding of who Mistress Krush is, and what She does.

Mistress enjoys reading peoples thoughts so please feel free to comment.

Coming soon… new members page

Coming soon on this site will be a Members area reserved exclusively for My loyal ones. It will be accessible by invite only, and My intention is to post video clips, pictures, information and other t [...]

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New smoking video clip available

I've uploaded a new video clip showing Me sat in My car, smoking, and reading all your lovely Email and text messages. Enjoy. MK x

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Needle point is so relaxing

There's nothing more relaxing on a warm summers day that doing a bit of needle point... for Me, anyway. So many little tiny pricks :) 100 needles... slut did well. MK x

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Dual Slave Day – September 2016

Well My lucky slutty ones... I've decided to hold another dual slave day this September - exact date to be arranged. These are great perverted fun days; for Me anyway :) and can include all sorts of [...]

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A little something for the weekend

I've uploaded some new video bites; also available via My YouTube channel. Aren't you all lucky sluts and slaves having Mistress thinking about you. Enjoy, MK x

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Some new video bites and pictures

I've been extremely busy and neglected my web site for too long, so have uploaded a few new images and even some video bites from recent filming sessions. Aren't you all luck sluts. Enjoy. MK [...]

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