Contact Mistress Krush

There are times in My busy day when I will NOT be able to answer your call and speak to you. However, do keep trying, your persistence will be rewarded. You will find Me approachable and easy to talk to, but I will not enter into protracted conversations about sessions on the phone. You can contact Me via Phone, Text or using the Email form below.

I expect you to pay attention to the following information:

Professional domination is NOT prostitution and Mistress DOES NOT offer personal services.

You’ve been warned !!!!

I may also want to see ID !

Check My availability on the calendar before contacting Me.


Telephone: 07514 294956

I will NOT answer calls from withheld numbers.

I may be in VERY vanilla surroundings when I answer your call. In situations such as this I will automatically say to you that I am with family members. I will politely ask that you call Me back, send a text message or Email Me using the contact form below.

Voicemail:  If your time to call Me is tight, you may leave a SHORT voice message explaining whether I am able to text you to call Me back. Simply leave your name, mobile number and times I can text you or NOT to contact you if you would prefer Me NOT to text you !!! – this is VERY important.

Text:  I will NOT enter into long text conversations with slaves. I will accept this as a form of contact however. If you cannot speak to Me or leave a message then send Me a text message, again explaining who you are, interests and contact times.

Email: I expect Emails to include your name, contact number, and a degree of detail about yourself such as interests, experiences and where you would be travelling from to meet Me.

One line Emails will be ignored.

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My primary play spaces are located in Bedfordshire and Warwickshire, though I do travel to other locations as well.