Draconian YouTube

Well, it would appear that the draconian over-lords that police YouTube weren’t happy with My foot worship video clip.
Apparently it was humiliating which is odd as I didn’t feel humiliated in the slightest.
I wish they’d asked Me what I’d thought before getting all upset. Actually, on second thoughts probably best they keep well away from Me.

If that mild bit-of-fun clip; and I have tried to keep it mild on there, caused them to throw a hissy fit, I can only imagine the psychotic episode that would ensue if I were to post some of My more ‘interesting’ works that I’ve got sat here on the editing table.

The remaining content seems to be tame enough for them, which is odd as apparently a naked bloke grovelling on the floor eating My pre-chewed food isn’t humiliating at all, so that will remain for now. However, it’s probably time to find a new outlet for My creative endeavours.

So, until I decide what next, I won’t be posting any more clips to YouTube.

MK x

** 16th Sept Update **
It looks like YouTube have been right through my channel and banned everything, so no more videos for now

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  1. slut millie says:

    i for one will miss Your YouTube clips, it is a way to stay in touch with Mistress between sessions. i look forward to seeing Your videos on another site.

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