Fallen Angel Studio

Fallen Angel Fetish Dungeon Suite

Fallen Angel Studio …Where Angels Fall, Dreams Rise, Fires of your Imagination Ignite the Theatre’s of the Soul

Fallen Angel Dungeon and Fetish Studio is situated just 15 minutes from both Jct 14 &15 of the M1, 10 minutes from the A5, we are ‘middle England’ as they say and can be reached from Birmingham in an hour, equally London in the same time. Milton Keynes has great train links into its mainline station, London just a 35 minute journey, and the studio is just 10 minutes from the station. Further instructions will be given to you on the morning of your appointment when you confirm.

Fallen Angel Studio has dressing/make up/bath room, and kitchen facilities and of course a fully equipped dungeon.

Fallen Angel Studio

Studio Decor – One Natural Stone Wall, One Block Work Wall, Two Teal Coloured Walls. Oak Laminate Flooring. Ambient adjustable uplighting with Par 64 LED Can Lights.

Revolving Bondage Wheel, Inversion Rack, Bondage Board, Bondage Bed, MK1 Whipping Bench, Bondage Throne, Stretching Rack Bed, Bondage Cross, Corner Coffin, Suspension Sling, Electric Dentist Chair, Floating Suspension Bondage Bed & Suspension Cage, Slave Toilet and Queening Seat by Fetters of Warwick.
CBT Station, F Machine, Venus 2000
3 Custom Hydraulic Suspension Systems
Suspension Harness by Regulation
Iron Maiden
Bondage Sit Sling and Bondage Strap Cage by Fetters
Horizontal Suspension Bar and Suspension Sleep Sack by Fetters
Padded Foot Suspension Stirrups, Arm Binders and Leg Binders by Fetters
Heavy Weight Padded Wrist Suspension Cuffs by Top to Bottom Leather
Heavy Weight Padded Wrist, Ankle Cuffs and Bondage Collars by Top to Bottom
Whips, Quirts, Sjamboks, Crops and Floggers by EssentiaWhips. Prison Straps, Tawses and Paddles by Quality Control.
Vac Bed and Inflation Sleep Sack by Regulation London
Rubber Bondage Sleep Sack by Fetters, Canvass and Leather Strait Jacket by Fetters
Rubber Harness and Hogties by Fetters. Rubber Strait Jacket by DeMask
Rubber, Leather and Sensory Deprevation Hoods by Fetters, Puppy Hood and Paws by Fetters
Gags, Rubber Insertions and Gas Masks by Rubba Eva

Plus extensive range of Nipple Clamps, Weights, Pin Wheels, Suction, Parachutes, Insertables, and Chastity Devices.

It also has it’s own dedicated free parking for vehicles.

Please acquaint yourself with the house rules including cancellation policy.