Inflation… It’s just a prick away

Look what the nice postman delivered to Me today. I’ve waited so long for this box of goodies to arrive that I’d almost forgotten I’d ordered them.

I’m so excited.

Can you imagine how wonderful this will feel for some lucky boy.

So, who can guess what they are for?

MK x



  1. sr says:

    I would love to see a clip of them being used Mistress.

  2. Mistress says:

    Be carful what you wish for slut… you may get a closer look than you think 😉

    MK x

  3. slut millie says:

    Mistress, i have absolutely no idea what they are for….. but then sessions with You always have me not knowing what to expect next. A superior Lady and sissy slut = no contest.

  4. Slut J says:

    Mistress, I don’t know what they are for either, but I have to say, I don’t like the look of em… Syringes usually come with needles… yikes

  5. Slut Roxy says:

    Pre filled saline syringes all to do with catheters – MMMM – sound exciting .
    Hoping Mistress can experiment on me!

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