MAJOR Diary Update

My availability diary or calendar is now fully up to date for the foreseeable future! Yes I have clicked repeat every week on most days and every other week on others. you will see a pattern forming. you will also notice that My diary shows Me as not available every weekend. No I am not a lady of that much luxury (working on it!) Every other Saturday is spent with one of the loves of My life and the other Saturdays to that I have SJ visit for his fortnightly seeing to then I’m off to see My man for our quality time and to go get some Myself after a weeks worth of build up and some pretty awesome sessions!!! Sunday is usually MY day be it spent visiting a kinky event, digging My allotment, visiting loved ones and enjoying a roast or just spending the day in My collar and getting “what’s coming” delivered by Sir!

From next week Tuesday 24th October until Saturday 28th October I am away. I will have Wifi but very limited. Sunday 29th October is Halloween Cirque Du Chaos :):):) Me and the other half will be dressed in our slutty Sunday bests letting our hair down!!! Then back in Domme Mode Monday 30th October from 10.30am.

The calendar is not set in stone! There is usually some flexibility with start and finish times depending on location and what the session involves. I may even be available on a rare Saturday afternoon or available for an overnight session….. ask, I will either say yes or no.

MK x

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  1. SR says:

    I have found the calendar most useful Mistress. It gives me a start point for potential visits but to all you other sluts I will say, try to fit your time in with Mistress according to the calendar but do not be afraid to ask if your only free time does not seem to be available. You never know..

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Last update: 22nd April 2021