My Availability

Having My calendar on My website has proven fruitful among My slaves and potential new slaves so I am now going to maintain a google calendar showing My available slots only. If there is nothing blocked out in the diary then I am busy. I have only included My available times to make the diary easier to view.

YOU MUST APPRECIATE that I will update this information as often as I can. Some dates may suddenly disappear and no longer be available, other dates may become available once more. My website monkey knows the rules and will update the diary accordingly, usually every other day.

I appreciate My available diary is quite limited. The available blocks are when I am available to session. I am more or less available to be contacted most of the time by phone or email. I will reply to your e mails any time of the day but I will NOT reply to texts or voicemails – this isn’t because I’m a madam! (Well I am), it’s because texts and voicemails outside of office hours get people into trouble!!!

Let Me know your thoughts in the comments section of My blog regarding the calendar.

MK x