New members only area now complete

The new members area is now up and running with new content being added by My web monkeys periodically.

However, access to this most privileged area will be by invite from Mistress only.
So, you may now be wondering how you get an exclusive and precious invite from Mistress.

Well, it’s very simple.. invites will be given out to those that I feel deserve it. It’s that simple.
If you’ve pleased Me, served Me and entertained Me, and if I feel you are worthy, one shall be provided.

MK x


  1. slut millie says:

    This slut waits in hope.

    Of course Mistress You are right (as always) such a privilege is Yours to give and withdraw and for us sluts to try to earn.

    i for one will try to earn such a privilege.

  2. sr says:

    i will work as hard as i can to be worthy of an invite Mistress

  3. Slut Roxy says:

    Slut Roxy hopes you can consider her membership?

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Last update: 22nd April 2021