“My Pleasure, your pain”

Professional domination is NOT prostitution and Mistress DOES NOT offer personal services.

Sessions start from £95

Please note

I appreciate you do not know Me and therefore why part with your money? And quite rightly so.
However, I cannot make the booking without receiving your deposit as I have to pay for the dungeon when I book it otherwise the space is not secured.
The deposit is transferable / refundable subject to you giving Me at least 48 hours notice to postpone or cancel the session.

Let Me know for how long you wish your session to be, what times and how you would like to pay your deposit and I will forward you the necessary information.

Can’t visit Mistress in person? Sessions now available via Skype, FaceTime or Telephone.
Skype or FaceTime is £50 for 15 Minutes or £95 for 30 Minutes
Telephone domination is £1.50 per Minute
All fees to be agreed and paid in advance.