So much going on

So it’s been a while since I posted here but Mistress has just been sooooo busy.

It continues to be a difficult year for many, and with all the socialising restrictions some of you are finding it difficult to get out and see Me.
If you are interested in an on-line session then please drop me a line.


The big news is that earlier this year I got My own play space.
It’s split over two levels and whilst the top level is now ready and I’m holding sessions from there, the basement level needs a LOT of work doing before it will be ready. There’s been a lot to contend with including building regulations and water leaks, but I’ve got My team working on it and it’s getting there.
It will be truly wonderful when it’s finished and I’m really excited.

Watch for progress reports and updates here or via My Twitter feed.

I’ve also been busy having fun filming lots of new video content. I’ve met and filmed with some wonderful people over the last few months so check out My Clips-4-Sale site to see what I’ve been up to.

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Last update: 22nd April 2021