Time for a holiday

Well My loyal ones, Mistress has been working very hard and it’s time for a little holiday.
I will be returning to work fresh and full of more creatively, twisted thoughts around the 12th August 2015.

Unfortunately, one cannot just drop everything and run off and enjoy oneself as there’s nothing more irritating than returning to an untidy mess.
So, as you can see, I’ve been working hard making sure everything is ship-shape for my return.


No wonder I need a holiday after all this cleaning 🙂

MK x


  1. slut m says:

    Mistress, i hope you had a wonderful holiday.

    May i once again thank You for my amazing session with You. i am so proud & grateful that it was You that took my anal virginity.

  2. Luije says:

    mistress a have seen some of your videos. ”love yuo mistress”. I wuld like apear en un videos with you, . i have not experiece with videos, but im a sumisive-slave, Ican learn, Take good care Mistress

    • Mistress says:

      Well slave, I suggest you watch My blog as I will post dates in the future when I will be filming again.
      You may be lucky.

      MK x

  3. slut boy says:

    i had the great honour of serving you a few weeks ago Mistress Krush and i hope to again soon.

    i to would happily give myself to you for a video shoot in the future if worthy of it.

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