Website and other updates

I’m very busy with lots of things going on at the moment.

There are some website updates that will be happening over the next week or so. The members area will be moving off My website onto Clips-4-Sale as My internet service provider is unhappy with the amount of downloading you perverts are doing, good boys 🙂 so I’m having to relocate this part of My website.
I’ll post a blog entry here when the move is complete. Those of you who are in the middle of a subscription period will need to contact me.

I’ve got a stack of video clips and pictures with My web monkey who is seriously behind right now and is going to get a good thrashing if he doesn’t pull his finger out.
“I’ve got a lot of video editing to do Mistress… it takes time Mistress… and there are all Your website updates Mistress…”. Moan, moan, bloody moan.

I’m experimenting with POV audio and video clips right now.
The audio track from one of these is available here for you to download and listen to.

If you want to see the actual clip, it’s available from My Clip Store and will also be available soon in My new members area.

Post a comment to let Me know what you think or if there are any POV ideas you would like to see.

MK x

One Commment

  1. John Slavish says:

    I think this is some of your best work Mistress Krush. The POV idea is great and you have the perfect skills for this type of approach.
    As an idea, perhaps some taunting of a cuckold slave? how we will never be with such a goodess as you! That honor is only reseved for a real man and we would never measure up to that!
    A common fetish but you have such a skilled tongue in front of the camera, I am sure you could put us all in our rightful place.

    Thanks for making more videos available, this is a treat for your fans.:)

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