Upcoming Events

Double Session day with Hunteress and Myself. Thursday 1st June 11am till 8pm. Limited spaces remaining !!



CONTACT  EITHER  MISTRESS  DIRECTLY  FROM  OUR  WEBSITES: www.mistresskrush.com  Or  www.thehunteress.com

SUBJECT: The Huntress Film Day

The Hunteress and I had so much fun the last time We were together!  There were red bottoms, stripy bottoms, crushed fruit, leather boots, smoking and so much more!  We will be together again on Thursday 1st June for Double Sessions all day.  We will also allow a reduced tribute of £300 per hour for those who allow some of the session to be filmed – masks provided, ID and signed model release forms required.

We both enjoy very similar fun and games in a session, both smokers, both have strong caning arms, a complimentary team….be sure to have a look at Her website if you don’t have the pleasure of knowing who She is already!

Include in your email what time and how long you would like your session to be.  Please include your interests, hard limits and any medical information we need to know about.

Location: The Under Dungeon, Buckingham

Sessions with Miss Lady Ashkey, Miss Devilish and Myself. Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July, 11:30am till Late in Derby.
Solo / Double / Triple Sessions Available.

My Solo Tribute: £180 per hour

Double Domme Tribute: £350 per hour

Triple Domme Tribute: £450 per hour

All Session Bookings require a 50%  non-refundable deposit in advance to secure your space.

For Miss Lady Ashley’s and Miss Devilish Destiny’s solo tributes, please see their websites directly.

We are reducing the hourly tribute by £50 if some parts of the session are filmed – you may be masked/hooded.

Miss Lady Ashley, Miss Devilish Destiny and I enjoyed our first proper meeting together so much that we got our next date in the diary but because We are all so busy, the earliest date We could get together is for the two dates shown above!  Don’t miss this opportunity to be tormented by any combination of Us three!  We don’t know when the next session date will be?!?!

APPLY:           MistressKrushUK@gmail.com
SUBJECT:       Derby Session         

Include in your email what time and how long you would like your session to be.  Please include your interests, hard limits and any medical information we need to know about.   Go check out our websites and twitter accounts….find out what we’ll be getting up to and what we enjoy!

Miss Lady Ashley:                           missladyashley.co.uk                  @MLA1DOMME

Miss Devilish Destiny:                                                                        @MissDevilishD

Basement Boot Camp with Madam Cruella, Divine Domino and Myself. Friday 7th – Saturday 8th July, 11:30am till 7pm or 8am.
Limited Spaces.

We three formidable Women are challenging your inner couch potatoes to get off your backsides and be bossed about by Us three for a day!  The day will run as follows:
11.30am at My premises: The Under Dungeon in Buckingham.  Necessary forms will be completed as part of the safety formalities of the day including model release forms and photos of ID if you have agreed to be filmed/photographed during the day.  Introductions before We begin.

12pm  Admission number – sharpie,  fitting of devices.

12.30pm  Begin the trek.  Short marches over a distance of countryside including resting points and additional activities and tasks under Our command.

2.30pm  Back to base for basic lunch.

3pm  Down to the Basement for initiation, training and consequences.

6pm  Prisoner release and hot slop before you leave.

7pm  Free to go unless you are staying for the lock in.


7pm  Restrained in a position of Our choosing and monitored.

8pm  you are now Ours until 8am tomorrow morning.  We have your likes, limits, dietary requirements, medical information and next of kin.  you will be allowed up to a minimum of 6 hours sleep at intervals of our choosing.  you will have access to a toilet facility and will be fed and watered.  you are here for the experience!

8am  you will be released.

50%  non-refundable deposit due in advance to secure your space payable via bank transfer.

Once I have received your 50% non-refundable deposit I shall then send you a questionnaire, required kit list and further instructions.

APPLY:  MistressKrushUK@gmail.com

SUBJECT:  Basement Boot Camp

Madam Cruella:                  madamcruella.com                                  @MadamCruella

Divine Domino:                  divine-domino.co.uk                                @divinedomino 

Pedestal – London

Visiting Pedestal on a night out for Me is a chance to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while and to have some relaxed playtime.  I may or may not have one or two of My sluts with me on leashes but I am more than happy to have a chat with you if you approach politely and I may even be tempted to play with you if I feel that we connect.  Come say “hello Mistress”, Mistress likes a glass of prosecco or a vodka straight! And I usually have My whip in My handbag ?

Bitches Unleashed – Manchester – Saturday 10th June 2023

I love BU!!!  I usually attend with Shiny slut and we make a very long day of it meeting in Manchester to do some shopping and the odd cash point meet before we have dinner with cocktails.  Back to the guest house for playtime in the room before we get ready to go to Bitches Unleashed. 

It is always a FUN FILLED night with lots of gorgeous people and sluts to chat to and watch play.  A proper play party!  And the fry-up is always worth it the next morning before we all head home. 

Check out their twitter page and website for more information:


BBB – Market & Afterparty- Sunday 16th July – 11am to 5pm

I had the pleasure of being the “Meet The Mistress” previously and it was lovely to chat to everyone that came up to ask questions, a real treat to mingle with actual people rather than a computer screen ?  More visits to the BBB and other like minded events and markets. 

I usually attend the market either with one of My sluts or I arrange to meet you there for a “BBB Session” – contact Me direct to discuss this in detail. 

After the market I go for a walk around the bull ring, have some dinner then go back for the afterparty.  The BBB is on regularly but I’m not able to attend all of them so pick which ones I’m going to early in the year.  Have a look at their website for all the information you need.

Give them a follow on Twitter:   @BBBAltFetBazzar
Check out their website:             https://www.thebbb.co.uk/


I am extending “April Treats” into “May Madness”.  I am offering My “Hit List” lot a lesser tribute amount for sessions booked between now and the 31st May.  This applies to Solo Sessions with Myself at My Premises ONLY.  Sessions must be booked, paid for in advance and completed before the end of May.   I shall deduct £50 per hour off your session tribute.  Anyone with sessions already booked for May, I shall be giving you a credit for the difference to use against another session in future.

Tributes for May ONLY:            

1 hr is usually £180 – It will be £130
1.5 hrs is usually £250 – It will be £175
2 hr is usually £350 – It will be £250
2.5 hrs is usually £450 – It will be £325
3 hrs is usually £500 – It will be £350
3.5 hrs is usually £600 – It will be £425
4 hrs is usually £700 – It will be £500
4.5 hrs is usually £800 – It will be £575
5 hrs is usually £900 – It will be £650
5.5 hrs is usually £950 – It will be £675
6 hrs is usually £1000 – It will be £700

You cannot use credits that you currently hold against these sessions.

Contact must be made via email to:

Send Me a text with your name and email address letting Me know that you have sent Me an May Treats session request.  You have less chance of your email being missed by doing this and makes Me happy to know you are following My rules correctly.  I will never text back….only email.

You must include dates, times and length of session you would like.  My session calendar on My website is up to date but I have opened up some very late nights and weekends for those of you on My “Hit List” and follow the rules of contact regarding this May Madness Offer. 

These additional late nights and weekends are not shown on My calendar. 

They are here:

Tuesday’s: 2nd May 9pm – midnight Thursday’s: 11th May 9pm – midnight
9th May 9pm – midnight 18th May 9pm – midnight
16th May 9pm – midnight
30th May 9pm – midnight
Weekend Sessions:
Saturday’s 13th May 10:30am – 10:30pm Sunday’s: 14th May 10:30am – 10:30pm
27th May 10:30am – 10:30pm 28th May 10:30am – 10:30pm


Following is a rough schedule on when My phone lines will be switched on: 

Monday: 8:15am – 3:30pm 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Tuesday: 8:15am – 9:30pm
Wednesday: 8:15am – 3:30pm 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Thursday: 8:15am – 3:30pm 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Friday: 8:15am – 7:30pm
Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays are limited but always keep an eye out in case I’m online.

Friendly reminder to the chatty ones whom read this newsletter …..I will always chat to you for longer if My time is being compensated….

“you haven’t paid for My time…..call Me on Dommeline!” ha ha ha ?


I am in the process of creating a page on My website where you can order a custom video clip or a custom audio clip directly from Me: https://mistresskrush.com/custom-video-audio-clips/

Bookmark this page for future when it’s complete.  In the meantime, you can email your requests…I don’t mind how “out there” they are as long as you are polite and respectful!

APPLY:   MistressKrushUK@gmail.com
SUBJECT:   Custom Video Clip  /  Custom Audio Clip

I have listed below what you can order from Me

I do enjoy getting stuck in to a good custom request!  Video or audio I enjoy getting creative and bringing your twisted little fantasy to as close to life as possible.  I am open to most scenarios – do refresh yourself with what I offer on My sessions page as these are obviously activities I enjoy.  I won’t discuss children or animals – do not ask!!!

All payments are to be made in full and in advance by bank transfer.  If this will be a problem for you, let Me know.

Exclusive Custom Video Clip with just Myself –                   £100  for 15 minutes (min). 

This clip is just for your own viewing purposes.  Both Mistress and slut agree not to broadcast this clip on any platforms.  The name you ask Me to use to address you personally will be used throughout the clip.           

Shared Custom Video Clip with just Myself –                       £50 for 15 minutes (min).

This clip will be shared on all of My clip sites and Members platforms for further purchases.  Your name will not be used in this clip.

Exclusive Custom Audio Clip with just Myself –                   £35  for 10 minutes (min). 

This clip is just for your own listening purposes.  Both Mistress and slut agree not to broadcast this clip on any platforms.  The name you ask Me to use to address you personally will be used throughout the clip.          

Shared Custom Audio Clip with just Myself –                       £25 for 10 minutes (min).

This clip will be shared on all of My clip sites and Members platforms for further purchases.  Your name will not be used in this clip.

There will be additional fees to pay if you wish for Me to use consumables during the clips for visual or audio effects such as opening a fresh bottle of amyl or releasing a particular canister into a bag.  Additional fees apply if you want Me covered head to toe in latex.  A few latex accessories is part of the tribute but those of you wishing to have Me in more than a latex corset and gloves will cover the cost of My time to dress in it, clean it, re-shine it and de-lube Myself!

There may be options for another Mistress to be included in the custom clip, this will take some organisation and Her additional fees apply.  I will send out a mal shot when I have visitors taking requests.  Another person I may have in the clip with Me is one of My sluts.  There will be an additional tribute if you would particularly like My submissive Girlfriend, Shy Darling Sophie to appear in the clip with Me:  £50 for video clip, £20 for audio.